"Carrying School Children"

I'm in Hartford, CT. I'm driving down the freeway and see a minivan with a sign on top that says "Carrying School Children". Now what is this state thinking? People are more likely to hit a minivan when the educational status of the contents is unknown?

On a clear day...

Its been a while since I can remember a New Years Day without a hangover. I'm thinking clearly and lovin' it. I'm gooing to breaky (breakfast) with my "kids".

Last Post for 2005

I'm not much for making New Years Resolutions. I know myself. If I can discipline myself to do something, I do it. I don't need a "New Year" to help in that respect.

I've been working on building a "Media Center" out of my Mac Mini. I have another piece of hardware to buy to add on the DVR functionality.

Its called a Plextor ConvertX DVR for Macintosh. I want to be able to record shows onto the Mac Mini to view later, like record when I'm traveling and watch when I return home. I don't watch much television, so when I do watch, I want to see something that interests me.

I think I will order this hardware today. Yep, by golly, I'm going to do it. I've been hesitating because of the money issue. I kinda thought I'd find an online retailer with a deal after Xmas, but it hasn't happened. I think the best I'm going to get is free 2-3 day shipping from PC Nation.

My Heart (figuratively)

My heart is being drawn in so many directions right now, it really confusing. I have my mother seemingly near death, G still in love and yearning for my attention, and my attention primarily drawn to the new man in my life. I feel kind of paralyzed, so many ways to turn, and feeling unworthy of all of the attention.

Helping Dad

Dad and I embarked on a little project this morning. He had a bad shop light fixture in the basement closet. So I suggest that rather than trying to replace the starters/balasts, that we just replace the whole thing, they only cost $10. I also suggested that we put in a switch by the door. There has been a pullchain in that closet for as long as I've known.

So we got 'er done. It was a nice time for he and I to do something together, and I'm happy to help him out. He's going through a hard time right now with Mom in the nursing home is the state that she's in.


Seeing my mom today was totally heartbreaking. Its so sad. The poor thing can barely keep her head up and just lets it fall if you don't contantly prompt and talk to her.

I don't really know if she knows me. I see a bit of a glimmer in her eye, and she didn't hesitate to give me a kiss when I kissed her.

I'm convinced that all nursing home works should have to live there for a week or two before starting a job.


I was just looking at my list of company holidays, and now realize that I was off on Xmas Eve and Xmas Day. Both were on a weekend this year, so I should have had two days off. I only took Monday off for Xmas. Oh well, its not like I've been working hard anyway.